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Your wedding photos are a big deal. They are the one thing you’ll have to look back on long after your wedding day is over. You want photos that will make you feel something. Photos that will give you goosebumps. Photos that will outlive both you and your grandchildren.

I prioritize candids, and document everything I see. I’ll never pose you awkwardly, and I’ll never (ever!!!) make you fake laugh. But I do promise to help guide you through the whole experience. If you’re nervous about getting your photo taken – don’t be. I help coach all of my couples through this process and make sure you get the photos you want. Photos that reflect who you really are. Natural, genuine, real. After all, this is a big day in your life.

You deserve to remember every moment of your wedding day exactly how you lived it.



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Here are some of my all-time favourite


Something to keep in mind: these are curated blog posts, which means I have carefully selected my favourite images from each wedding day. A full wedding gallery is much (much!) larger. If you would like to see what a full wedding gallery looks like, just send me a quick note. I’m always happy to share these full wedding days with you!



Just send me a quick note and ask! Easy peasy. I always love chatting about wedding photography, and I love helping others.. This is my biggest passion in life, and I want to give you the answers you’re looking for.

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