Wedding Albums

because no one ever looks at the photos on their hard drive.

This is your legacy.

And how you choose to preserve your memories is entirely personal. 

So why an album? Because it will remind you of the happy days of your life every time you see it. Because this is how your grandchildren will remember you. And because holding a tangible memory means so much more than opening a folder on your computer. Your wedding album is a time capsule that will transport you back to your life’s big moments again and again and again.

What we're offering

is a product that we’re proud of enough to showcase in our very own living room

When Erik and I first started dating, I made him a photobook of our first year together. It was cheesy, but cute. And after a while, we found ourselves sitting down to look through it together more and more. So the next year, I made another one. And then another. Fast forward seven years, and we’re now up to seven albums. For us, they are our most sacred possessions. They remind us of our adventures together. The happy times, and even the hard times. They are a glimpse into the many moons and eras that make up our entire relationship. They serve as a reminder of the people we used to be, and the people we’ve become. It is documentation of a life well lived.

And to us, they are invaluable. 

Here's a peek:

So how does it work? Here is 

Our Process:





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Edits +



Send to

After booking, you select up to 50 photos you want to include in your album, directly from your online gallery

We will create a first draft of your album with your selected images. You will receive this to virtually review

While reviewing the album, you will be able to leave specific comments and requests for edits

We will edit the entire album to based on your comments and send it back to you for final approval

At this point, you can give your final approval for the design of the album and pay the remaining balance

We send the order out to our printing house, which means it’s just weeks away from your doorstep!

and here are some answers to our most

Frequently Asked Questions

Every album option is different and will have a different capacity for the number of photos you may include. On average, full Wedding Albums can include 30 – 50 images (depending on how many spreads you would like). Parent Albums usually contain 20 – 30 images.

We work with a professional printing studio and all our albums are hand-crafted, made-to-order pieces of art. To ensure you are provided with an excellent quality product, we maintain a turnaround time of approximately 6 weeks from the time we receive final approval and final payment.

Yes! However, this puts us on a tight timeline. As long as you put your order in by November 12th, and we can send our order out to our printing house by November 24th, we can get everything in on time!

My connection with you is important, and I am as excited about your album as you are. Orders in the Ottawa region will be hand delivered! 

Payment is broken down into two blocks: a 50% deposit to complete your order, and a second 50% payment after final approval, before we send the design to our printer. Payments can be made directly online on the invoice by credit card. 

and last but not least, here’s

How to Order:


  1. Read the Terms & Conditions and FAQs listed above
  2. Fill out the form with your contact details
  3. Select your desired Wedding Album Style
  4. Select which Parent Albums you’d like to add to your order
  5. Make the payment for the 50% deposit and you’re all set!
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