and upcoming adventures in 2020 and beyond!



Travel Dates

With 50+ countries stamped into my passport, I truly live to explore. Living abroad has taught me how to adjust to new cultures easily, learn new languages, and seamlessly blend into new environments without stress. The perfect combination for international weddings!


I’m always up for adventure and would love to join you on your wedding day, whether you’ve chosen to elope in Europe or jet off to Asia. Since I have a lot of experience with international weddings, I’d love to help you navigate this entire process. Get in touch and let’s adventure together!



Amazon (Colombia + Brazil)   //   Feb 7 – 19

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   //   Feb 19 – 27

São Paulo, Brazil   //   Feb 28 – Mar 2

Iguazu Falls, Paraguay   //   Mar 3 – 5

Asuncion, Paraguay   //   March 5 – 6

Playa del Carmen, Mexico   //   Mar 6 – 11

Medellin, Colombia   //   Apr 17 – May 14

Canada (mostly Ottawa)   //   May 14 – Sept 6

Rome + Amalfi Coast, Italy   //   Sept. 7 – 17

Reykjavik + southern Iceland   //   Sept. 21 – 24

Toronto + Ottawa, Canada   //   Sept. 25 – Oct 31

Medellin, Colombia   //   Nov. 1 – Dec. 1

Amsterdam, the Netherlands   //   Dec. 15 – Jan. 15 (2021)

travel dates



My passport is always ready to go! And so if you’d like to book me as your photographer in any of these places (or add your own destination to my list) send me a quick note and let’s make it happen!

To date, I have photographed couples in 15 different countries. It is an incredible honour travelling with my couples to all of these destinations! And definitely an experience that I never take for granted.


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