Reviews From Clients

"Lauren was the reason we had a perfect wedding."

Lauren was the reason we had a perfect wedding. I found her blog on a whim of a google search and because of that blog, we found our wedding venue: The Evermore. From our very first meeting, I knew Lauren would be the right choice. So easygoing, so friendly, I knew our photos would be naturally, fabulous. My wife being slightly more picky than me about the look of the photos/style and contrast was so blown away by the results. Lauren captured exactly what our vision was and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding experience. Big thanks to you Lauren and to Casey. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was exceptional ❤️🥂 Love wins! 🌈

-Carolyn & Kate

"We can't imagine a world where anyone could have captured our wedding day as perfectly as Lauren"

We can’t imagine a world where anyone could have captured our wedding day as perfectly as Lauren. Lauren is a master at capturing the emotion of a moment, and in her editing bringing those feelings back to life. The selection and variety of the photos we received captured our wedding day from start to finish without any gaps, and documentation became story-telling through her beautiful use of colour and composition to bring back the way we felt as it was happening. The photos we received were true to the galleries that she uses to promote herself- you can trust that you will receive photos consistent with the way she represents her work. Moreover, she makes a point of understanding ahead of time what her clients want, and she delivered. She is good at giving direction, but that direction is based on taking the time to understand how her clients want to remember their day in photos, and her guidance was never awkward. Even under pressure when we were short on time, she managed to capture all of the family and wedding party photos we had asked her to without being overbearing. She was attentive to detail and people, and was so focused on capturing everything I don’t think we saw her sit down once, from early morning to the moment late in the evening when she checked with us if there was anything else she wanted us to captured before heading home to edit our highlight reel. Our wedding party loved her too- she integrated herself well into our group and was a delight to have join us for the day!

While we chose Lauren for her beautiful work, the experience of working with her was everything you could possibly want from a photographer for your wedding. Lauren brings sincerity and positivity to every email, call or meeting; even during an incredibly busy wedding season, she was attentive, responsive and enthusiastic- we walked away from every interaction feeling like her “favourite” client, a feat given how packed her wedding season was. Planning during Covid, a call or email with her was always reassuring, knowing that she could be flexible as plans changed. Lauren does an astounding job of balancing the professional with the personal; she has an organized system for the contractual necessities, but infuses it with enough of her own personal style and warmth that it never feels stuffy or intimidating. You can tell the care that she puts into making client experience a significant part of her brand, and that contributes to the all-important feeling of trust in this wonderful person who is tasked with capturing some pretty important moments!

Lauren, we truly can’t thank you enough for the experience working with you. Thank you for being up for anything, game for ideas and going above and beyond on our wedding day and in the final photos. We are so happy that your beautiful work is what we have to remember this wonderful time in our life!

-Andria & Greg

"She made what can sometimes be a stressful day a total breeze. 100/10."

Lauren was everything we could have asked for in a wedding photographer and SO MUCH MORE. It is obvious how much she loves her job, her clients, and connecting with those she works with. All of this means that our wedding photos truly captured US. Lauren got to know us well during the process of booking her, working with her, and ultimately becoming friends! She perfectly captured our day, the emotions, the vibe, and our aesthetic! We wouldn’t have changed a thing. Some of our favourite moments of our wedding day was just walking around to different locations with Lauren to capture photos– she made what can sometimes be a stressful day a total breeze. 100/10.

-Jill & Andy

"She is experienced, knowledgeable, and has crafted an out-of-this-world photography experience for her couples."

Lauren is sunshine in human form: she’s warm, incredibly kind, and always makes you feel like the most important person in the room. As a wedding videographer, I instantly picked up on this energy during our first shoot together and have been a raving Lauren fan ever since!

On wedding days, the relationship between a photographer and a videographer can make or break a client’s experience. The collaboration and communication skills required for this dynamic to be successful are rare and hard to come by. Having worked with Lauren and her associates several times now, I can say with complete confidence that she and her team are experts at working collaboratively with us videographers so that our shared clients receive photos and videos that they will absolutely love.

Lauren is also fiercely passionate about creating an inclusive, safe space for all couples. As someone who also values this, I cannot put into words just how refreshing it is to see a fellow wedding vendor lead by example and intentionally create a business where people of all backgrounds feel welcome.

Lauren pours her heart and soul into every project she takes on, and consistently delivers magazine-worthy photos to her clients. If her 60+ Google reviews are any indication, she is experienced, knowledgeable, and has crafted an out-of-this-world photography experience for her couples. Lauren has without a doubt earned her spot as a leader in Ottawa’s wedding industry, and I will always recommend her to my wedding videography clients!

-Natasha Cloutier

"Hands down the best photographer out there!"

Since day one when we contacted Lauren for our wedding, she has been on top of all the details – whether it was fast replies, answer all our questions, looking over the schedule, sending us tips/tricks and Q&A from previous weddings/events, back up plans for all the various weather we could have etc – you name it and Lauren had it covered! We have always felt lucky to have such a caring, talented, passionate photographer to work with, and one who genuinely gets excited for her clients and cares about making sure their photos reflect that dream wedding day.

Lauren has made the whole wedding planning experience easy and stress free, with being there to help us breathe and remain calm, assist with the little (and big) things, and provide guidance on everything we asked and just checking in with us as a friend.

We haven’t had our wedding yet, we had to postpone it due to Covid, and with this situation, I don’t think we would have been so calm and collected if it wasn’t for Lauren. Lauren has and continues to be responsive, supportive and excited for our wedding, and we are so grateful!

I would recommend Lauren to everyone for any event! She is so talented and loves what she does, and it’s reflected in her business site, emails, and photos. Thanks for being such a wonderful person and photographer and we can’t wait to have you at the wedding!

-Kristen & Brian

"If you want to feel like your best friend is photographing your wedding, you need to meet Lauren."

If you want to feel like your best friend is photographing your wedding, you need to meet Lauren. She made every aspect of our experience easy, from initial consult to regularly checking in, to the day of the wedding. We never really felt like we were being photographed despite hearing the camera click away; Lauren let us do out own thing which made it so easy to relax. Our photos are outstanding, our jaws dropped when we saw them and tears immediately started flowing. We cannot recommend her enough. Brilliant.

-Nicola & Ben

Reviews and testimonials

"I think the fact that she has nothing but stellar reviews speaks for itself"

Lauren is not only professional and well-organized but thoughtful and genuine. I think the fact that she has nothing but stellar reviews speaks for itself so I will keep ours short. We love our photos, Lauren captured the day perfectly and candidly. She has amazing attention to detail – we have a photo of literally every guest! We fully recommend Lauren!

-Emma & Jun

"She's been so supportive, accessible, flexible and amazing!"

I’ve been in contact with Lauren for two years now trying to plan for my elopement! First we were scheduled to go to Scotland (where she also had been before and had contacts there), then to Washington State, (which is now being adjusted because of Covid), and now in our home state. She’s been so supportive, accessible, flexible and AMAZING the entire time! I feel like we’re friends now after dealing with all of this and I can’t wait to use her for all my future big events too!!

-Kelsie & Cody

"We would 100% recommend Lauren to anyone. You will not regret it!"

On our first meet-and-greet phone call with Lauren we knew that she was someone who would be a great person to partner up with for our wedding. Her positivity is undeniably one of my favourite things about her – my husband and I love her for it! We first met her and her fiancé when they took a trip to Seattle and met up with us for our engagement photo shoot, we had an amazing day just exploring Washington state together—it felt like we’d been old friends and made us feel so natural in front of the camera.

Fast forward to our wedding day, Lauren was there from the morning and I’m so glad that we had met her prior to our wedding day because it just felt like seeing an old friend again. She was fully engaged throughout the process and even brought a second shooter (Steve) along who was also awesome and hilarious! The two of them had such a keen eye on capturing the most precious moments and we were so happy with the entire set of photos that we received.

Lauren’s photography style has a timeless feel to it, and every photo was beautifully shot and edited in the exact tone and mood that we wanted for our wedding. We love that our photos capture a tone and emotion that feels real and has a cinematic quality.

Finally, Lauren is a collaborator. Although she took the lead and directed us and the other photo/video crew, she was very open to our ideas and was really flexible with who and what we wanted to capture.

We would 100% recommend Lauren to anyone. You will not regret it!

-Charlotte & Gajan

"Not only were we happy, but everyone from the wedding party to our guests loved her."

We worked with Lauren for our engagement and wedding photos and she was incredible from beginning to end. From the very first time my wife and I met her she just made us feel so comfortable. She was extremely helpful every step of the way from suggesting locations and ideas to helping everyone get organized for pictures on our wedding day to make everything as seamless as possible on such a crazy day. Not only were we happy but everyone from the wedding party to our guests loved her. We couldn’t be happier with how the pictures turned out and would without a doubt recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking to get professionally photographed. She is the best!

-Sina & Marco

"She managed to capture key moments without us realizing she was even there."

Lauren photographed our wedding and we could not have asked for a better experience! The photos turned out amazing and she was a source for helpful and positive energy on the day! So many guests commented on how kind and wonderful she was. She was also extremely accommodating and was subtle and unobtrusive during our ceremony and throughout the day. She managed to capture key moments without us realizing she was even there. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!

-Alex & Will

"Lauren is truly magic."

Lauren is truly magic. We hired her to capture our wedding day. She is so pleasant to work with, and it is obvious she really cares about her clients’ experience from start to finish. Lauren doesn’t limit her services to photography either – she shared vendor recommendations, scheduling ideas, and walked my husband and I through the entire process of photographing a wedding. She even lit all the candles on our tables because we were too busy! I received so many compliments from my guests about how nice, and dedicated Lauren is. And somehow, she didn’t stop taking pictures for about 12 hours, and then managed to send about 10 completely edited “sneak peek” photos the day after our wedding. We haven’t even received our full gallery yet, and I’m so so so happy we chose to hire Lauren. I would recommend her to everyone.

-Meaghan & Jacob

"There are some things you can cut costs on for weddings. Don't skimp on the perfect photographer. Lauren is it."

If you are looking for a highly skilled, highly communicative, exceptionally organized, and unobtrusive photographer to capture the authentic, true emotion of your wedding day, you need look no further. The price is absolutely worth the incredible product you will receive to remember your big day. We connected with Lauren shortly after setting our date when we had plans for a large wedding (pre-COVID). She worked with us on all kinds of details, helped us to draft timelines, and even to set the schedule of our day so that we had time for all the elements we wanted to capture. She provided exceptional advice and really put us at ease throughout our planning process. When our plans had to change several times due to COVID, Lauren kept in touch, sent us resources, kept our spirits up, and planned and replanned as much as we needed to feel comfortable that we would be capturing our full day. I could not believe how quick the turnaround was for our sneak peak photos, and was equally astounded at the quality, emotion, and authenticity of the final album we received. The incredible product she provided has allowed us to share what our day was really like with those that could not be there due to restrictions, and Lauren’s adaptability made the lead up to the wedding so much smoother. There are some things you can cut costs on for weddings. Don’t skimp on the perfect photographer. Lauren is it.

-Jaclyn & Kyle

"If it was not for her, I guarantee our day would not have gone as smoothly."

We are so unbelievably lucky and grateful to have had Lauren as our wedding photographer. From the beginning, I knew we were in good hands as she reached out right away and maintained regular contact, despite what I can only assume is her insanely busy schedule. Lauren exudes a genuine, caring and joyful energy. My partner and I are not particularly comfortable behind a camera but Lauren made it easy, and the photos speak for themselves. They are candid, natural and beautifully edited. Looking through the wedding album she sent us, I felt like I was truly reliving the day. Her work is stunning, and I now have a huge collection of photos that my partner, family, friends and I will cherish forever. Lauren not only takes wonderful photos, but she played a huge part in helping me feel at ease about our wedding. Being in the business, she has a wealth of knowledge that she graciously shares with her clients. If it was not for her, I guarantee our day would not have gone as smoothly. She is amazing when it comes to helping you organize all the details of the day. We were ahead of schedule on the actual wedding day! I found it difficult to come up with an acceptable review for Lauren as it is hard to put into words how great she was, without sounding like I’m making it up. She truly is a great person and photographer, and I’m so glad I got to be her client.

-Elisabeth & Mathieu

"My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer"

My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for our wedding day! Lauren kept everyone organized on the day of, had amazing spots picked out for the photos, and kept everyone laughing. I’ve had so many people comment on how lovely our photographer was and we couldn’t agree more! Lauren went above and beyond – she even had a snack handy for the nervous and hungry bride right before our first look! Would highly recommend Lauren for anyone’s special day. Thank you again Lauren for everything!

-Haley & Will

"Anyone would be lucky to have her photograph their wedding."

I would absolutely recommend Lauren! She went above and beyond for us. She was very involved in my wedding plans early on and took the time to chat with me. On our wedding day, she again was so helpful and made everyone feel so comfortable. She really takes the time to connect with the people she takes pictures of. Lauren was so patient but was still able to keep us on track. She is an amazing photographer. Her pictures are so beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have her photograph their wedding. Thank you so much Lauren. Xo.

-Angela & Mike

"Pictures we will cherish forever!!!!!!!!!!"

Where to start! Lauren is truly an incredible person and impeccable photographer. Right from the first inquiry we could tell that we wanted Lauren to be our photographer! She went above and beyond, provided endless tips and tricks on how to make the day perfect, answered all our questions and literally washed away all the stress and uncertainty around booking a photographer. She took care and time to get to know us as a couple and, as a result, she was able to provide wedding pictures that PERFECTLY captured the day and exceeded all our expectations. Beyond being a really great photographer, Lauren is the sweetest, kindest, and most genuine person alive!! She made everyone feel great and, once again, went above and beyond on the day to make sure everything was going smoothly. We could not have asked for a better photographer and cannot recommend her enough!!!!!!!! Lauren, thank you to the moon and back for making our day so perfect and giving us the BEST wedding gift we could ever ask for; pictures we will cherish for ever!!!!!!!!!!

-Stephanie & Yvonne

"She did WAY MORE than just take photos"

Lauren was our wedding photographer and did WAY MORE than just take photos – she corralled family and friends, made sure we stayed on schedule, and just helped make our day as easy and smooth as possible. She was so easy and fun to work with and made everyone feel super comfortable (actual feedback from wedding party members!). Our photos turned out amazing and the little things (packaging, gifts, etc.) made it all feel very special. I highly recommend Lauren!

-Mike & Aline

"I don't know how to possibly describe in words how much we love Lauren!"

I don’t know how to possibly describe in words how much we love Lauren! She is absolutely, 100% the best photographer that we have ever worked with. Lauren did our engagement and wedding photography and we are truly obsessed with our photos. She was there for us every step of the way offering help with planning timelines and giving ideas for decor; she definitely goes above and beyond the typical role of a photographer. Lauren even met with us a few days after our wedding to help us with a canoe/wedding attire idea we had in mind, but didn’t have the time on our actual wedding day. She even came into the canoe with us to get those amazing close up shots!

Even six months after our wedding she still reaches out to keep in touch, which is something we didn’t think we would get from our vendors. We are so happy we chose her to be a part of our special day :)

-Ellie & Carey

"Talented beyond belief."

LAURENNNNNNNNNN!!!! OMG! I’m in awe! You are so amazing and these are so gorgeous! Thank you soooo much for editing so many photos for us to keep for the rest of our lives!!!!! These are absolutely amazing! We will cherish them forever!!! I cant wait to share these with our family and friends! You are so talented and we were so lucky to have you be a part of our day! You made us feel so relaxed and at ease. We had such a wonderful day and we cant ever thank you enough for being part of it. You truly are an amazing person and talented beyond belief. XOXOX

-Bridget & Ben

"We knew she was talented- but she exceeded our expectations."

With the uncertainty of planning a wedding in the current times, Lauren was extremely supportive, comforting, and professional. We changed our wedding details to make sure we were doing it the safest way possible and Lauren was not only flexible, but always concerned with how we were feeling, constantly checking in, and overall, just made us feel like she was on the journey with us. We were exceedingly happy with Lauren and we hadn’t even seen the pictures yet! AND WOW! They were outstanding. We knew she was talented- but she exceeded our expectations. The moments she found and the details she was able to capture truly depict how talented she is. Knowing we will have these pictures forever makes it such a gift- what she has done and how she has portrayed that day- couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person to share our day with.

-Jessica & Mark

"Incredible experience"

Lauren!!!!! These photos are stunning! We are in awe. You are truly talented and we are so grateful that you captured our wedding day. Many of our family members and friends have taken the time to tell us how lovely you were to them and that you made their experience so enjoyable as well. It really means a lot to us that you showed the same care and kindness with our family and friends that you share with Dan and I. Thank you so much for all that you did to make our day special. We are truly so appreciative for the friendship and bond that came out of this incredible experience with you.

-Alex & Dan

"Every meeting with Lauren felt like I was chatting with one of my girlfriends"

Lauren and her team are a no-brainer for wedding photography! Lauren and Angelica photographed our wedding together and got the most beautiful shots. They really listened to the style of photography we wanted captured – lots of movement, beautiful moody colours, a little bit of chaos – the photos perfectly encapsulate how our wedding felt. Every meeting with Lauren felt like I was chatting with one of my girlfriends, and she worked with my other vendors to take care of arranging our timeline without needing me to get involved. She even went on a site tour prior to the big day so that she’d know every nook and cranny of my venue. Seriously, set up a meeting with her – you won’t regret it!

-Laura & Scott

"I chose my wedding date specifically so Lauren could be the photographer..."

When I say that I chose my wedding date specifically so Lauren could be the photographer… I am not kidding! Her natural talent, beautiful spirit and engaging personality makes the entire process, (from initial consultation to the finale delivered product) a wonderful experience. She manages to remain professional while also making you feel like a close friend immediately on the day of. I will be forever grateful for her capturing our day!

-Lauren & Makeham

"We had no idea that her pictures would mean so much to us!"

We had the best day that we could ever wish for! But if there were ONE thing we could change – we regret that we didn’t have Lauren with us for the entire day! We had no idea that her pictures would mean so much to us! She managed to capture the joy and love between us and the atmosphere of the whole wedding – but she left the party in the afternoon (by our own choice) – and we should have kept her until the next morning!!! 

You were truly amazing Lauren and we can’t thank you enough for the beautiful photos of our wedding day! We are so grateful, that you told us about the “first look” idea, it was the perfect solution for us and we were thrilled to have that private moment. You captured everything that we had hoped for and much more! Since we had such a great connection with you, we can’t wait to have coffee and catch up someday!

-Sanne & Kristian


"If you are looking for a wedding photographer, book Lauren immediately! It will be the greatest decision you make for your wedding day."

Working with Lauren was the absolute best part of our entire wedding! I got to know Lauren’s work after being in a wedding that she photographed a number of years ago. I was so completely blown away at the time by how breathtaking her photos of my friend’s wedding were, but also just by how completely lovely it was to be around her on the wedding day – it felt like having another friend there. So when my partner and I got engaged a few years later, we knew we wanted her as a photographer; and she ended up working with us to come up with a Covid friendly solution since we had to cancel our initial wedding. From start to finish, Lauren just completely exceeded our expectations. She went above and beyond in every way. In addition to the fact that she was flexible, kind and so accommodating and wonderful in helping us come up with another solution after we had to cancel our initial wedding, she also went along with our crazy ideas and added in so many fun amazing ideas of her own. When we received the final photos we were just speechless… this lady is beyond talented, and will give you the most beautiful, make you teary-eyed photos of your dreams. She thinks of everything and captures every beautiful moment in the most stunning pictures you will ever see. But in addition to her amazing photos, Lauren is also just a total gem of a human being and the best person you could imagine having around on a stressful wedding day. She showed up early with snacks and tissues and just radiates warmth, and immediately puts you at ease, allowing her to capture the absolute best most natural photos. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, book Lauren immediately! It will be the greatest decision you make for your wedding day – whether it’s a big celebration, or a small intimate affair. We cannot recommend her enough!

-Katie & Tim

"To put it short, Lauren is PURE MAGIC"

Lauren is not only the most talented photographer, but a GEM of a human being! She will make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera than you ever thought possible. And she somehow manages to capture you in a light that you didn’t know existed. I’ve had the chance to work alongside her during countless styled shoots (including one for my own business) and she never fails to deliver the most stunning, jaw dropping photos. She’s compassionate, hilarious, and unbelievably creative! To put it short, Lauren is PURE MAGIC and I would recommend her a thousand times over to all of my brides.

-Jacquie K

"Lauren is the photographer you need. Book. Her. Now."

Lauren is amazing. She did our engagement and wedding photos. She is an actual dream. My photos have all turned out better than I ever could have imagined! My now-husband and I had never been professionally photographed before and she made us feel so comfortable. She captured our essence perfectly. She made us all feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Everyone in my wedding party and EVERY guest loved her, including me the most!!! I didn’t want her to leave!! I will be using these photos for years to come. Anybody would be lucky to have Lauren photograph any moment of their life. SHE’S THE BEST. Lauren is the photographer you need. She is a beautiful person inside & out, and quickly turns into a forever friend. Book. Her. Now.

-Madison & Matt

"Lauren is the BEST ever! Having her photograph our wedding was truly a dream."

Lauren is the BEST ever! Having her photograph our wedding was truly a dream. She is amazing, as a person, as a professional and just all around. We clicked with her right away and we felt like we were chatting with a great friend. She understood our vibes and vision and went above and beyond to answer my questions about our wedding and other vendors as well. She checked in with us and ensured everything was ready to go, and when our wedding day arrived she did such an incredible job. Her positivity and excitement for us radiated throughout the day and really made us feel comfortable. We had a lot of comments on our photographer and how sweet and great she was, and my dad was so impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. With getting all the shots we requested, to organizing all the family and wedding party photos, to our sunset photos, and all the candid shots we requested in between, our gallery was delivered to us and everything was better than we could have imagined! We really appreciate everything Lauren did for us, it was all incredible and she made the whole experience so special. We can’t thank her enough.

-Nina & Mike

"10/10 would recommend."

Lauren was a wonderful person inside and out. Couldn’t be happier with our wedding pictures. She went above and beyond our expectations. The whole day with her went as smooth as can be and she was very open to listening and encouraging all of our photography suggestions, while also giving us great pointers along the way. Worth every single penny, I can’t say enough nice things about her. 10/10 would recommend.

-Mylène & Jake

"Lauren is an absolute gem"

Lauren is an absolute gem and such a kind person! We had our wedding photos taken by her and the experience was nothing short of magical. She went above and beyond my expectations of what a photographer is. Not only were the pictures beautiful and high quality, but the experience of her taking them was natural and relaxed. She is wonderful at making sure everyone feel at ease. If you’re looking for someone who is professional, easy going and ready for anything, she would be the perfect fit!

-Allie & Jordan

"We felt like we had known her forever"

We never thought someone would be able to capture in photographs the beauty and essence of the Italian villa where we were married, but Lauren did! She captured the light, the history, the joy and the love of our wedding day in her stunning photos. In addition to being an amazing photographer, Lauren is such a warm, kind and genuine person – we felt like we had known her forever and she made the day so easy for us by gently guiding group and individual photos and capturing lovely moments. When she posted a blog and photos of our wedding on her Instagram account (, the comments she received included that the photos should be in Vogue! We agree!! If you are looking for an incredibly talented photographer for your wedding or to document any special life moments, we highly recommend you contact Lauren.

Lauren, the photos are absolutely gorgeous! You truly are an artist. Thank you, thank you!! We have loved getting to know you over the months leading up to the wedding and having you there to document our special day. You also made everything so comfortable, easy and fun! And, you captured everything as we saw it in our minds’ eyes from that day. Since the day went by so fast, so it has been especially wonderful to go back and get to see it all again as it was – and to see all the behind the scenes of the things that we missed! We have gotten so many compliments on your beautiful photos since we sent them out to our family and friends.

-Steff & Mark

"Lauren was AMAZING."

We hired Lauren to take our pictures for our wedding day and we honestly can’t say enough good things about her. Lauren was AMAZING. She was so helpful and easy to work with. Lauren has an infectious smile and great personality which made everyone feel so comfortable on our wedding day. She took the most amazing pictures of us and our guests. I cried when I saw our photos because they were just so beautiful! And we have received SO many compliments on our pictures! We are having trouble narrowing down which ones to put up on display in our house because there are just too many good ones to chose from! We highly recommend Lauren to everyone!

-Kristyn & Hugh

"Don't hesitate, book her NOW!"

Lauren is absolutely amazing! She makes you feel comfortable right from the beginning and it’s like having a long time friend with you on your day! She honestly helped make our day extra special! Not only is she the best photographer, she’s an amazing person as well. Her photos speak for themselves, they are incredible, but I want to let everyone know (who are considering her for their day), that she is an amazing person too. Don’t hesitate, book her NOW!

-Sabrina & Jamie

"Lauren is the BEST."

Lauren is the BEST. You can tell this is her passion. She goes above and beyond anyone’s expectations – in her work, attitude, friendly demeanor, and reliability. She instantly becomes a friend and is always there to help, no matter what you’re asking. And she’ll do anything to make you comfortable and happy!

Our whole experience through planning a pandemic wedding would not have been the same, nor nearly as successful/seamless/fun without her. She was always first to check in with us along the way, making sure we’re healthy, not stressing etc. And on our wedding day, Lauren made sure we had everything we needed and wanted (spare champagne, red bull, water, SNACKS) and she made sure we were on top of our schedule. Seriously, only Lauren would create a fan out of nothing because I was feeling hot while getting my makeup done.

Our family and friends repeatedly made positive comments to us throughout our wedding day that she is hilarious, positive, on the ball, and so helpful (duh, we knew that). We know we found an amazing photographer, addition to our most special moments, and warm friend. Only regret was not getting a picture together (one day, we WILL). I could go on all day… You’re one of us now, Lauren!

-Cristina & Tony

"She went above and beyond and we couldn't be happier"

Lauren is absolutely amazing! We could not be happier with how perfectly she captured our day. She was such a fun person to have around and was a pleasure to work with. She was very responsive and gave great suggestions in advance (and during) to help make sure everything went smoothly and she captured every moment beautifully. My family and friends have all commented on how amazing our photographer was! She went above and beyond and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks so much Lauren!!

-Seanna & Matt

"Highly recommend Lauren to be your photographer!"

Highly recommend Lauren to be your photographer! She is very talented, personable and professional. We enjoyed every moment we had with her. She made us feel at ease and did an amazing job capturing beautiful moments of our wedding day that we will cherish forever.

-Anne-Sophie & David

"I didn't think we would ever find a photographer who supported all of our choices."

Lauren was amazing to work with. She was involved from the very beginning. I didn’t think we would ever find a photographer who understood us to a T, and supported all of our choices. There were no awkward moments to be had. Our photos are complete and our jaws are still in awe. Lauren was able to capture every moment of our special day. From wearing rubber boots to sandals to going barefoot. We both loved working with you, and hope we can get together in the future for some more amazing shots!

-Brittney & Bob

"You were an absolute joy to work with"

Our photos are so so so lovely! Thank you for capturing our special day. It’s amazing to see how perfectly you captured our silly little moments just the two of us, and the heartfelt moments with our family and friends. You were an absolute joy to work with, and you made us feel so comfortable, which I must say is a huge accomplishment! All of our guests commented on how kind you were, and everyone has loved the highlights we’ve shown them! They’re going to lose it over these!

-Victoria & Steve

"I can't recommend her enough, 5+ stars!"

Lauren is an absolute DREAM to work with! She worked her magic to capture some absolutely amazing engagement photos for my partner and I, and we can’t wait for her to shoot our wedding!! Aside from being a true sweetheart with the perfect amount of energy, she is also very organized and thorough, and will walk you through everything you need to make the shoot/day a success. She will answer all of your questions, provide you with expert tips, and make sure your feel comfortable and confident throughout it all. I can’t recommend her enough, 5+ stars!

-Ashleigh & Scott

"" I have no words, having both worked with her in the wedding industry as well as hiring her as a photographer she is fantastic. She is a joy to be around, makes you comfortable right away, kind, respectful caring person and that isn’t even talking about her photographs!!! THEY ARE AMAZING. quality, quantity, range you name it!
Her and her team are constantly working on improvements, innovation to better work with their clients.

Hiring Lauren will be one of the best decisions you will make, you will smile, you will laugh and you will enjoy every minute of working with her and her team.
Trust me!

-Taylor Gallagher Lukkarila

"Wow!!! We are so in love with our photos!!!!!!"

Wow!!! We are so in love with our photos!!!!!! I keep looking at them, I just think they captured our day perfectly and the first time I saw them I cried (haha) in a happy way. It was amazing to look at them and be able to relive the day and see our emotions in these photos. They are exactly what we had pictured when we thought of our wedding photos. You are so talented and so wonderful to work with. Thank you so much!!! It’s going to be so hard to pick which ones to print out.

-Diane & Sam

"Lauren is such a talented, beautiful soul who goes above and BEYOND for her clients."

Lauren is such a talented, beautiful soul who goes above and BEYOND for her clients. She brought a sense of calm to my wedding day that made everyone feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Lauren loves connecting with her clients and truly takes the time to listen to their ideas. No idea is too crazy for Lauren! Lauren is up for any challenge and loves out of the norm photoshoots! I think that’s what makes her extra special! We love all of our photos and cannot wait for her to capture more memories with our newly added family member. Until then, sending you love from a far! xo

-Cass & Wesley

"I would suggest Lauren over and over again."

Lauren photographed our wedding this past August (2021), and captured the moment better than I could have imagined. Our wedding was rescheduled due to the pandemic and Lauren was so understanding, compassionate and flexible- it made the whole planning process easy. Lauren guided us through the entire process, really getting to know us, what we envisioned and organizing all the small details. On the day of, Lauren blended in with our guests, she’s a true gem- getting all the shots. Her talent is incredible! The photos, moments and memories Lauren captured will allow us to remember our big day in detail. I would suggest Lauren over and over again 💛💛

-Mike & Meck

"I would absolutely, 10000% recommend working with Lauren and her team!"

I would absolutely, 10000% recommend working with Lauren and her team! When I first stumbled across Lauren’s work I had a gut feeling that she was who had to photograph our wedding day. She is so incredibly kind, detail-oriented and has a true gift of making people feel at ease and capturing beautiful photos. My husband and are I awkward at best in photos, and she did an incredible job of authentically capturing us for both our engagement shoot and on our wedding day. Angelica joined us on the wedding day as well and she was absolutely fantastic! We are so grateful for them and we couldn’t picture anyone else capturing such special moments. Book Lauren now and you won’t regret it!!

-Laura & Eric

"When you decide on Lauren to shoot your day, you not only will receive beautiful photos... but you will receive a full on memory of that moment in time."

Lauren set the bar so high for other photographers for me. From first contact, to day of the session, and even waiting while our photos were being selected and edited. She is genuine and professional through every step. She has a way of capturing you at your most natural – even now looking over our collection, I am finding small details in photos where I would have believed my imperfections be seen as unattractive… to be well, alluring. When I look over the collection Lauren hand selects – I remember the day, I remember laughing uncontrollably, I remember the strangers on the same trail that told me I looked beautiful, to the little girl who loved the sunflowers in my bouquet.

So, when you decide on Lauren to shoot your day, you not only will receive beautiful photos… but you will receive a full on memory of that moment in time. You might look at your collection and not fall in love with every moment taken, but I promise you the more you look at her work/art/your collection… you will be OBSESSED. And that for me is what makes Lauren worth every effort to book with. When you are dressed to the nine’s, it’s hard to make one look terrible. But it is how she can take a moment through a lens and make you feel like you are living every smile and gesture in something as simple as images, all over again.

Thank you again Lauren! I will say it again and again, you and your work are above exceptional. I could not have asked for a better experience or memory to keep.

-Jeanette & Brendan

"She felt like a friend from day 1."

I first worked with Lauren at my friend’s wedding the weekend of the Tornado 2018. Amid the chaos of changing plans, locations, she was incredibly calm and positive. She was kind and a lot of fun. So when I got married in 2019, I knew Lauren would be perfect for our special day.

Our engagement shoot was a ton of fun! Lauren makes you feel comfortable in front of a camera, when it’s not something we are used to. We laughed and had a great time. And the best part? The photos were amazing!

Lauren was also available leading up to our wedding. We had a few calls to go over our vision and to go over the day of plans. She felt like a friend from day 1. As a bride planning a wedding, it was perfect not having to worry about photography!

Our wedding was also no different! Lauren made all of our guests and wedding party feel comfortable! The photos were wonderful!
Lauren also submitted some of our photos to the Ottawa Wedding Magazine and we were in the Fall-Winter Edition 2020! You won’t be disappointed by choosing Lauren to handle your big day!

-Christina & Andrew

"Do yourselves a favour and book her!"

Where do I even begin? Lauren and I have known each other our entire lives and I can confidently say she is one of the kindest, purest souls I’ve ever met. Her authentic and warm personality has never changed throughout the over 30 years I have known her. It was an absolute no-brainer to have her photograph the most important day of our lives. We were lucky to have her photograph us as a couple even before we got engaged and they remain some of my favourite photos of us. She perfectly captures your love in such an authentic way. We were very lucky to have her fly all the way to Barbados with her husband Erik to capture our day. She made our entire family feel at ease and to have her there with me on my wedding day just meant everything to me. I will forever cherish our friendship Lauren. We were completely blown away at our photos. Do yourselves a favour and book her! You my friend, are one of a kind. I will love you forever and ever!

-Melanie & David

"She is so talented and such a wonderful human."

If you’re in search of a wedding photographer, I would highly recommend booking Lauren! She is so talented and such a wonderful human. I can’t wait to work with you again! See you soon :)

-Jinbon Lau

"We’re SO happy that we had Lauren as our wedding photographer!"

We’re SO happy that we had Lauren as our wedding photographer! She was so friendly and genuine right from the beginning. She was so easy to communicate with and made sure to ask us all of the important questions prior to our wedding day! Lauren has such a great personality and made us feel so comfortable infront of the camera. We love our photos and feel that they capture our wedding day perfectly! You will not be disappointed with Lauren!

-Cassandra & Liam

"Lauren is easily the best decision I've made for my wedding."

When I got engaged this fall, I had no idea where to start my planning… except for photography. I reached out to Lauren right away and it is easily the best decision I’ve made for my wedding. Lauren hasn’t even taken my picture yet, and I already have a million reasons to recommend her.

Reasons I chose Lauren:

1. Lauren is a sweetie. It may sound simple, but being nice is one of my top criteria for all of my vendor choices.

2. She has a wildly impressive resume. Lauren has photographed every kind of wedding you can imagine, in locations all over the world. And she nails every single one.

3. Lauren’s pictures are stunning. If you haven’t looked at her Instagram yet, do it now! The pictures speak for themselves. It’s been part of my dream to be the subject of one of those gorgeous photos one day.

More reasons to love Lauren since booking:

4. Lauren has the most infectious and positive energy. I can’t read an email from her without getting a big smile on my face. That’s the kind of energy you want to be around on your big day.

5. She has a big heart. Lauren will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. Over many months of wedding planning, despite being continents away, she has stayed close through email. She has been with me through some personal loss and this crazy Covid19 pandemic. Every step of the way she has checked in and been on my team. She’s gone so far beyond photographer duties.

6. Lauren is super organized and efficient. She has a plan for everything and has made me feel confident in my own planning because of it.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted Lauren as my photographer, but now I’m more excited than ever that she will be the one to capture my big day. These are the reasons that I love Lauren, and I am 100% confident you will too. She’s the one!

-Erin & Nic

"We knew we needed Lauren there"

Lauren is amazing and we were so thrilled to have her part of our wedding! Her warm and bubbly energy made us feel so comfortable on the wedding day, and so many guests said the same thing too.  
She had great advice to us throughout the planning process, like timing of our day-of, vendor recommendations and in the few days leading up to not sweat the small stuff. She was flexible with our two postponements and we knew no matter the date we needed Lauren there. We are so happy with our photos, Lauren captured so many beautiful moments and were incredibly grateful she was part our big day! 

-Erica & Alex

"She is a genuine ally of the LGBTQ+ community and is such a positive person, which made her the perfect fit for such an important day."

If you are debating on whether you should hire Lauren and her team for your engagement or wedding photos, look no further. Lauren is everything you could dream of in a wedding photographer. She is organized, insightful, personable, energetic, calming, inclusive, and very skilled at taking photos. My (now) wife and I reached out to Lauren after our engagement as we had been guests at multiple weddings she had shot. The photos of us as guests were the best pictures we had as a couple and she had always been so fantastic to interact with at weddings. Lauren started our partnership together with a zoom call to discuss the specifics of what we were looking for in a photographer and she spent close to an hour listening to our requests for an engagement shoot and wedding specifics, and this was all before we had even committed to her as our photographer. During this call we had mentioned we were having issues finding an officiant that fit us as a couple for the vibe we wanted and because we are a same-sex couple, and Lauren got us in contact with Grounded Ceremonies, who was exactly what we were looking for.

Engagement: Once we hired her, Lauren organized another zoom meeting to discuss our engagement shoot. We started with a location near our family camp and then she heard us talk about the story of where my wife proposed during a sunrise hike. Lauren eagerly suggested we do BOTH the sunrise hike location and the camp location and we were pleasantly surprised that she was willing to do both locations at no extra cost. So, when the day came, Lauren met us at 5am at the trail head (after travelling 8 hours from Ottawa the day prior) and hiked 5km into the woods in the dark to recreate our engagement during sunrise, and then shot us during sunset in the rain that evening. Lauren as a person made us feel so comfortable to be ourselves and the photos she captured displayed the love my wife and I have for each other so naturally. Lauren exceeded our expectations to the highest level with our engagement photos, committing to a location that I’m sure many others would not have gone.

Wedding: Lauren provides extremely useful planning tools for a wedding when you purchase her wedding package. After ANOTHER Zoom meeting (all included in her package) she made us a custom schedule based on all of the photos we wanted and our ceremony/reception schedule. We used this to plan our whole day out to organize other vendors and keep on track the day of. On the wedding day Lauren and her second photographer were such a calming presence thanks to their experience with wedding days. Lauren was everywhere she needed to be without injecting herself into the flow of the day. Throughout the day, she would check in on us to make sure we were doing okay mentally, and would even grab us drinks/food if we needed them, just showing her genuine kindness. She stayed from noon until 11pm so that she could shoot the getting ready photos, and parts of the dance following the reception. When we got our photos back we were floored with how her team was able to capture the emotions and general vibe of our day. We got such a variety of photos of us as a couple, our families, our wedding party, and our guests. She was even able to capture my brother and his best facial expressions, who has issues taking photos because of special needs, in a way that no one else has been able to.

Overall, Lauren was such an important part of making our day feel as spectacular as it was. She is a genuine ally of the LGBTQ+ community and is such a positive person, which made her the perfect fit for such an important day. Over this process Lauren has become a friend and we hope that she will be able to photograph our lives for years to come. I wish we could give her more than 10 stars, she truly offered us so much more than just the photos at the end of it all. Thank you Lauren!

-Leslie & Alexa

"I just want to shout about these photos from the rooftops!!"

You. Are. Incredible. Thank you so so so much for sharing your talent and wonderful spirit with us. The photos are absolutely stunning and we’re incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful record of our day. We went through them all again last night and it was like reliving the day all over again. Every third thing out of someone’s mouth was ‘oh my god Lauren is so talented, how did she even do that?!’ I have so many favourites I don’t even know where to start! I just want to shout about these photos from the rooftops!!

-Megan & Josh

"She is honestly the most kind person and someone you want in your corner on such a stressful day."

Lauren is everything you could want from a wedding photographer. Her attention to detail, friendliness, professionalism and eye for the shot is just a small amount of her strengths. She is honestly the most kind person and someone you want in your corner on such a stressful day. All of our guests were so impressed by her and so were we. Nothing but love for this incredible human.

-Erika & Roger

"You are the best of the best at your job!"

AHHHH Lauren!!! Thank you so much for documenting every moment of our wedding day, for NEVER making us feel like we couldn’t be ourselves, and for being so speedy with the turnaround!! We recommend you to anyone and everyone who is looking for a photographer, you are the best of the best at your job! I stayed up way too late staring at these photos and love them all so so much! Our biggest regret: that we didn’t get a photo of us with you!!!

-Alicia & Tom

"Even our guests complimented us on how amazing Lauren was!!"

There isn’t enough room in this text box to explain how amazing Lauren is!!! Lauren photographed our wedding this August. Throughout the whole planning process, she was so helpful, attentive, and genuinely excited for us. She was one of the vendors that made me most excited for the big day! Her talent, professionalism, and service is beyond measure!

We were so honoured to have her capture our day. She made us feel so comfortable and at ease while taking photos. Even our guests complimented us on how amazing Lauren was!! We’ve received a few teaser photos which we’re madly in love with … everyone from the wedding can’t wait to see all the amazing memories that Lauren captured for us! THANK YOU LAUREN! xo

-Steph & Thomas

"Lauren McCormick is exquisite."

Lauren McCormick is exquisite. From our very first encounter to the moment she left our reception. I specifically remember our immediate connection (truly was love-at-first-email) and how simply she could make every correspondence sparkle. She was informative, she was organized, she was resourceful and creative and kind. My husband and I wanted to incorporate a black-and-white evening photo shoot on our wedding day and before we really had a chance to plan out the details, we received a spontaneous email from Lauren with a plan and a myriad of ideas. She had a vision and she certainly saw it through.

Not only will she go above-and-beyond to ensure that she captures every magical moment, she makes it all possible. During an already overwhelming time, she was that person who kept you calm, grounded, and missioned to keep you present in the moment so you could take it all in. She fit in like family. She felt like home.

Lauren: We. Are. In. Awe. Seriously no words. Thank you thank you thank you. You have truly changed our worlds for the better and we just have to tell you how much our friends and family are raving about you. You were the brightest highlight. One of a kind. Sending ALL of our love your way! xo

-The Woods

"We'll treasure these photos and the memories they evoke for the rest of our lives."

Lauren! First off, wow- these photographs are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for capturing the moments and people that made our wedding day so special. You have such a great eye for beauty. Thanks also for being so wonderful to work with – your enthusiasm, how you were “all in”  – especially after a crazy flight! – and your joie de vivre. You’re also so efficient and professional and able to interact so well in chaotic and stressful situations! So thanks again- we’ll treasure these photos and the memories they evoke for the rest of our lives. Lots of love! 

-Candice & Dan

"If you book Lauren for your wedding, your future self will thank you for years to come."

Where to begin when describing Lauren? Well if you could bottle up sunshine you would have Lauren. She is absolutely delightful to work with and know and if she wasn’t busy taking gorgeous pictures of your wedding you would want her there as a bridesmaid because you’ll feel like you’ve known her and loved her forever.

Any time someone asks me for recommendations for a wedding photographer I always recommend Lauren and everyone is always thoroughly happy with her work. She will make you feel so comfortable and turn your wedding pictures into works of art. Lauren came into my life after my wedding but she captured my maternity pictures and to this day they are some of my favourite pictures of my little family. If you book Lauren for your wedding your future self will thank you for years to come!

-Talia & Jordan

"Knowing this job was in good hands gave us so much relief while planning the rest of the day."

If you’ve looked at Lauren’s portfolio and thought “ooh, love that,” book with her. You will be so glad you did! Lauren had an ease about her that made my husband and I both comfortable in front of the camera. She took our comfort zones into consideration and even helped us plan moments away from the wedding just because we mentioned wanting that (which also meant we had photos of that special time even though it felt like just us two) and worked our dog into plenty of photos (which was so important to us). Lauren is so much more than a photographer to our wedding day and is such an amazing human. We have photos of everyone who attended and all the special elements we included are now preserved forever. Our photos are SO naturally beautiful, so filled with love and the REAL feeling of the day. Knowing this job was in good hands gave us so much relief while planning the rest of the day. It really feels like our wedding was frozen in time in the photos Lauren took and we can’t thank her enough.

-Lauren & Nathan

"I don't think I would have been able to pull through with the wedding without her."

I had the privilege of working with Lauren for my brothers wedding a few years back. Wow what a ray of sunshine she was! It was the day after the tornado in Ottawa and she did everything in her power to put the whole wedding party at ease with everything going on. Her work is absolutely amazing, she is beyond creative and talented. I enjoyed working with Lauren so much that the second I got engaged there was no question who I wanted my wedding photographer to be. Can’t wait to work with you next year!

Update: Our wedding has passed now and we had the pleasure of working with Lauren for our photos. From the communication with her before the wedding up until the day of she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Dealing with all the changes with Covid she was there for me to vent, offer advice, and was a huge support in all my challenges I faced. I don’t think I would have been able to pull through with the wedding without her. Every phone call she had with me guided me to a better place in making huge decisions for our big day. The care she puts into the relationships with her clients is so great and it’s not something she has to do but chooses to do. Once the day came she went above and beyond to make it amazing and capture every moment perfectly. I am soooooo beyond happy with the gallery she provided us with. The amount of photos, the capturing of emotions, the talent behind the lens extremely impressed myself and all of our family and friends. I highly recommend hiring Lauren for your photography needs and you will not be disappointed at all!

-Chelsea & Niko

"We have been singing your praises to everyone"

Lauren is an incredible photographer, a total professional and, on top of all that, a lovely person and an absolute joy to spend time with. She photographed our wedding and engagement session and we could not have been happier with the results. We had very challenging weather conditions (a tornado!) on the day of our wedding, but Lauren rolled with it and the results were incredibly stunning. We have received so many compliments on our photos and would recommend her to anyone.

Lauren! Thank you so, so much – the photos are absolutely stunning and we couldn’t be more thrilled! I love the way you captured the feeling and the authenticity of these moments and of the whole day. They’re SO gorgeous and I can’t wait to show them off to friends and family! We are now back from the honeymoon, back at work and otherwise back to reality, so receiving our gallery was such a lovely surprise. And the gushing is absolutely mutual – we have been singing your praises to everyone who has asked about the wedding! We had such a fantastic time getting to know you and it was such a pleasure to discover that someone who was going to be an important part of an intimate and special day was someone we “clicked with” immediately (not to mention someone who was able to roll with what were pretty extraordinary circumstances!). We will absolutely keep in touch and I hope you’ll give us a call the next time you’re in town so we can grab a drink or a coffee to catch up. Thank you again for everything!

-Madeline & Alex

"I feel like we should have a second wedding just to work with Lauren and her team again"

Lauren was a dream to work with! She was so helpful and patient with us as we went through multiple iterations of what our wedding would look like/when it would be (I think most covid brides can relate). She made the process much less stressful and also really made it fun! As someone who has never felt super bride-y, Lauren’s joy helped me to see how exciting our day was going to be. The photos and the editing turned out beautifully. I feel like we should have a second wedding just to work with Lauren and her team again. Can’t recommend her enough!!!

-Sophia & Dylan

"Lauren did such an amazing job at our Tuscan wedding"

Lauren did such an amazing job at our Tuscan wedding. Catching moments without people even noticing and giving us the feeling of a calm and relaxed photo session. Professional and personal at the same time. Lauren stayed with us at a big Tuscan villa not knowing any of the guests, but she was easily mingling with the group. We had so much fun and are grateful for the beautiful memories. I definitely recommend Lauren for any type of wedding.

-Jana & Jones

"Not only is she a brilliantly talented photographer, but she pours everything she has and more into your special moment."

It would be impossible to find another Lauren. Not only is she a brilliantly talented photographer, but she pours everything she has and more into your special moment. Working with her does not feel like work. And while she’s spreading her magic, she is also low-key handling the hardest of tasks and personalities with nothing short of the highest levels of grace and finesse. You could not dream up a better spirit, nor teammate to have with you on your biggest day. There are not enough positive accolades I can give for her. I’ll just leave it at, if I could hire to have her around all the time, every day, I would.
Thanks Lauren!

-Jessica & Oren

"Bright, supportive, hard-working, and talented – she is the whole package!"

It’s coming up on our first anniversary and we have been thinking a lot about this day and how grateful we are for so many things, people, and moments. Noah and I had both suffered significant losses in our lives leading up to this day, and I worried that it would be weighted with sadness. Lauren was a big reason why our wedding day was joyful, fun, and as stress-free as I think I’ve ever been able to feel. She made our strange plan, timeline, and two-part guest list seem totally normal and easy. She was organized (so I didn’t need to be) calm, and so fun to have around. We will forever be thankful to Lauren and for this beautiful day with our favourite people, which she captured so effortlessly.

We cannot say enough about our experience having Lauren photograph our wedding. She has an innate ability to make you feel at ease from the planning stages to the end of the big day. With Lauren you also get the expertise and recommendations like that of a day of coordinator. She helped us develop a comfortable timeline with specifics we hadn’t thought to consider and facilitated everything with patience and kindness throughout the day. Lauren has a calming, reassuring presence and helped the day feel easy, stress-free and fun! She obviously has a fierce passion for what she does and it shows in her attitude and her product. We have hundreds of stunning photos to enjoy that captured the beauty, love, and excitement we felt on our wedding day. Bright, supportive, hard-working, and talented – she is the whole package! Highly recommend.

-Sarah & Noah

"Once again - you’ve completely outdone yourself."

Lauren is absolutely amazing. From the first time we met her, we instantly felt so comfortable and at ease, and knew that she would blend in seamlessly with our family and friends to capture our intimate wedding. Her photos were SO beautiful and organic – she even captured some of the most special moments between us when we didn’t notice! It was such a pleasure to spend the day with her – she was such a wonderful addition to a perfect wedding. Thank you, Lauren, for your incredible work!

And Lauren… OH MY GOD. We’re over here bawling because these photos are beyond anything we could have ever imagined. This is so incredible – you’ve captured exactly what we wanted and MORE! We can’t even begin to thank you for these absolutely beautiful photos! Once again – you’ve completely outdone yourself. We’re going to be posting these beauties IMMEDIATELY. YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!

-Christine & Steve

"She went above and beyond."

Lauren was the photographer for our elopement. She helped us pick the location and went above and beyond by hiking around the park the week before to find the best locations for photos. I don’t like having my picture taken and I was worried it would be excruciating but Lauren is so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. I feel like she gave us the right amount of instruction and made it easy but really natural. We got so many beautiful photos and it was really hard to pick my favourites!

-Jenny & Jason

"You truly are a unicorn."

I CANNOT stop looking at these. They are so amazing. Freaking speechless. I cannot wait to make a photo album – but it will be so difficult to find a photo album big enough! Things have been so busy since the wedding and it feels SO good to look back on the best day of my life. Thank you so much for capturing all these beautiful memories. You truly are a unicorn and I’m so happy we met. Thank you so much again!!

-Katrina & Mark


"Lauren is a phenomenal photographer and an even more phenomenal human!"

Lauren is a phenomenal photographer and an even more phenomenal human! We fell in love with Lauren’s style when we first came across it and we knew right away who our photographer would be! Throughout the pandemic, we had so many different changes in plans and Lauren supported us throughout the way. She was always a shoulder to lean on for advice and she provided consistent support throughout our wedding planning process and our wedding day! I was so stressed on my wedding day, it was pouring buckets and we had no umbrellas or any back-up plans. Lauren always found a solution for us and even kept me hydrated along the way! I honestly don’t have enough kind words to say about Lauren and her dedication to the art she produces! Thank you Lauren for capturing our special day in all the right ways. Thank you for continuing to check-in with us every now and then, we’re so lucky we get to share our journey with our friend.

-Harleen & Kush

"You absolutely will not regret your choice if you book her for your wedding!"

Lauren exceeded our expectations as our wedding photographer. I came across her from a google search and her website also came up when we were searching for venues, allowing us to see both her photography but also potential venue locations set up for a wedding. From our first video call, I felt at ease with Lauren and connected well with how she operates, conveys herself and her easygoing, kind-hearted personality. I felt extremely comfortable speaking with her and this continued throughout the wedding planning process and of course on the big day. She is extremely thorough and will ensure that you get what you want out of your wedding day photography. On the day of, her and Angelica were fantastic, basically your BIGGEST hype ladies around, I honestly wanted to record them so I could play it back to myself in the future on a bad day! They are there to support you, give you rest when you need rest, encourage you, cheer you on and really just be there and fully present for your wedding day and all the while taking incredible photographs! The final album we got was amazing, looking through the photos brought tears to my eyes, so much joy to my day(s) and in some cases roaring laughter. I felt our day was fully captured and in a way that we can share with all of our guests and immediate family. Lauren is an amazing photographer and communicator (in person and email) and you absolutely will not regret your choice if you book her for your wedding!

-Kelly & Elliot

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