Ottawa Wedding Vendors

A quick guide to my favs in the city

My rule of thumb when recommending vendors to clients (or anyone) is that I would never refer any company that I wouldn’t hire for my own wedding. So with that said, here’s my list of Ottawa wedding vendors that I fully trust and would absolutely recommend to anyone. These are the people who will work just as hard for you as I do. And I am sure of this, because I’ve seen them all in action and have personally worked with each one of them before. To make it easy to find (and keep things fair), I’ve listed everything in alphabetical order, searchable through vendor type:

Calligraphy & Signs

Adding customized signage to your wedding day has become one of my favourite wedding trends. Our clients often love to include hand lettered welcome signs, seating charts, and matching stationary to their wedding decor. I’ve even seen custom wedding logos added to dance floors, napkins, and signature cocktail signs. Here are a couple of my favourite local Ottawa artists who can bring your wedding day brand to life.

Decor & Rentals

Depending on your chosen venue, you may want to consider budgeting for a decorator to help set the mood for your wedding celebration. Some venues don’t need a lot of extra decor and look spectacularly set on their own. Some are more blank-slate venues that allow each wedding to customize its very own aesthetic in the space. Either way, here are my favourite decor and rental companies in Ottawa.


I have such a soft spot for good florals, and Ottawa has some of my favourite florists I’ve encountered. All of the companies listed here have gone above and beyond for my past clients, and really create pieces of art. They also prioritize using environmentally friendly products, and work hard to reduce excess waste and make the wedding industry a better (and greener!) place to be.

Food & Drink Trucks

If you’re in the market for a food truck, Ottawa has some great options. Whether you’re hosting a simple backyard wedding, a cosy cottage celebration, or a tent wedding at a venue that requires outside catering, here are some mobile food and drink trucks that will be a great addition to your day.


I cannot recommend a great hair stylist highly enough. The difference between a true professional and that “friend who likes to do hair” is night and day. Besides adhering to your timeline and using professional products, a real pro will also elevate your wedding day look to another level. I’ve worked with many stylists in the city, but the ones listed here consistently go above and beyond.

Make Up

Good make up can go a long way. In fact, good make up should last you the entire wedding day – through tears, hugs, rain, and sweaty dance floors! There are some great artists here in Ottawa who consistently show up for my clients, listen to what they’re looking for, and exceed their expectations. These companies are also great at creating timelines to ensure you don’t run late on your wedding day.


Nothing sets the tone for your wedding celebration like good music. A good DJ can make or break your dance floor, and a great band can really get your crowd moving late into the night. Whether you’re looking for ceremony instrumentals, a great live band, or a DJ that consistently packs a dancefloor, here are some stand out options I’d recommend here in Ottawa.


To be completely honest with you all, a good officiant is hard to come by. If you want to work with someone who a) is modern and not cheesy, b) will call you by your correct names, c) will work with all couples of all genders and sexual orientations (because there are some even here in Ottawa who won’t), and d) will customize their ceremony to fit you perfectly, here’s who I would recommend.

Planners & Coordinators

There’s a huge difference between full planning and day-of-coordination, so it’s important to know what you’re in the market for first. But a great planner/coordinator can truly set your mind at ease and facilitate the absolute best experience for you. If you want to show up and feel like a guest at your very own wedding, here are some companies that will be a great fit for you.

Sweets & Cake

Ottawa has some of the best bakers and cake makers I know (and trust me, I’ve sampled a lot). You might be keeping your wedding dessert traditional with a cake. Or perhaps you’re looking for a cute alternative like customized cookies or cake pops. Whatever you’re in the market for, I’m certain these extraordinary talents (listed below) can make your sweet tooth dreams come true.


Videography is an art form that can truly complement good photography and deliver the best memories. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible videographers in our city (listed below), and I can truly say these folks will all deliver an exceptional service. I jive so well with each of them, and our experiences in working together make us a great team that will be perfect for your wedding day.

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