Hey, I’m Lauren. And I can never sit still. Not because I’m easily distracted, but because this world is far too big to even think we’ve seen it all. I love to live life fast, and take the quiet moments slow.


When I’m not in Ottawa, Canada photographing weddings, I travel constantly and live abroad in the winters (these years, it’s Colombia, South America). While this isn’t exactly a conventional way to live, it’s a lifestyle I’ve worked really hard to create for myself. I value experiences over “stuff”.


But perhaps most importantly – I love my people fiercely.

Which brings me to – my loves.

A Dutchman and a Taiwanese cat fill my heart to the brim. We’ve now lived on 3 different continents together (yes, even the cat!) and can’t imagine stopping anytime soon.

Our weekend tradition is to eat maple syrup with a side of pancake. We like to pretend to salsa dance whenever the feeling strikes us. And we’re mildly obsessed with trying to grow a jungle inside our home.


We see life for what it is —wild, a little messy, and unpredictably exciting. Those are the honest moments we live for.

They are the moments I live to capture, in both my life and yours. The spontaneous adventures that set us on a new course. The lazy mornings together. Frizzy hair after it rains. Smile wrinkles. It’s real. It’s honest. And it’s all part of our story.

Ottawa wedding photography

So when it comes to capturing your story – I get it.


Your wedding day is a really big deal, and I know how meaningful these memories are to you. You’ve put so much time into planning this, so it’s important that you choose a photographer who you can trust to capture it fully – allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment of it. 

Because after all, isn’t that the point?


Whatever you need, I’m your girl.

(the photos of myself on this page were taken by my dear friends Tara Lilly + Iri Colantoni + Chelle Wootten)

Ottawa Wedding Photography