Ottawa Dominion Arboretum Elopement

In-leng and Paul | A springtime Ottawa Dominion Arboretum elopement

If you’re considering an Ottawa Dominium Arboretum elopement, there’s a lot to take inspiration from here! If you’ve never been before, I’d highly encourage you to check it out. The Arboretum is a beautiful green space covering 86 acres of land tucked away in the heart of Ottawa. It’s open to the public, with free access. Many people visit to walk, bike, or picnic. And others, like In-Leng and Paul, come here to get married!


Photography Permits for the Arboretum

While it’s entirely possible (and legal) to get married here, it’s important to note that photo permits are required for any type of wedding photos in any part of the Experimental Farm, including the Arboretum. This includes couples portraits, family photos, wedding party photos, etc. The Experimental Farm is one of the few public locations in Ottawa that requires a photography permit if you plan on taking professional photos in the space. Permits are free of charge, and require the couple (not the photographer) to obtain ahead of time. 

Be sure to speak with your own wedding photographer about this, but you can also click here for a link with more information on all of this.

Parking at the Arboretum

Another important factor to consider when wanting to take wedding or elopement photos at the Ottawa Dominion Arboretum is parking. If you are planning to be there during a sunny weekend afternoon, you’ll be hard pressed to find a parking spot. Spaces are limited, so I would recommend planning strategically ahead of time. There are a number of different access points and parking lots, depending on what area of the Arboretum you’d like to visit: P1 and P2 visitor lots, Friends of the Central Experimental Farm parking lot, or one of the many other parking lots around the Experimental Farm.

You might also want to consider parking at either the Hartwell Locks parking lot (at the south end) or Dow’s Lake parking lot (at the north end) and walking to the Arboretum instead.

The Ottawa Dominium Arboretum Elopement

So now to the good part: In-Leng and Paul’s intimate elopement! With only six guests in tow, In-leng and Paul gathered their people on a sunny Sunday afternoon. They chose the perfect day to elope. With not a cloud in the sky, we had the perfect weather for the perfect elopement.

Selecting an area for your ceremony is likely the toughest choice you’ll make here. Luckily for these two, both myself and Keith (from Exceptional Ceremonies) have lots of experience with elopements at the Arboretum. Together, we found the perfect spot, nestled between the trees. 

The ceremony was absolutely spectacular, heartfelt, and intimate. It was everything you would want in an elopement. I’m so grateful to know In-Leng and Paul, and honoured to have been a part of this special day! 

Ready to make this official and book me for your wedding day?

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  1. Her dress might be one of my most favorite elopement dresses EVER. Wow! Also, I’m totally adding this arboretum to my must sees once international travel is safe again.

  2. I love the way you captured this couple in this elopement! Their love for one another and joy on their wedding day is so evident in these photos. Thanks so much for sharing these!

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