Cynthia and Davis | A stunning Manitoulin Island waterfall session to inspire you

Since I grew up on Manitoulin Island, I may be a bit biased. But it truly is one of the most spectacular areas in Northern Ontario! There are so many beautiful locations. Especially if you are looking for a great outdoor spot for your engagement session.


One of my favourite locations is Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong. Cynthia and Davis got in touch with me to do their maternity photos at this location. Right from the start I knew it would be great!

Manitoulin Island waterfall session

And it truly was! The photos from this session are such a beautiful time capsule for them. It really showcases this amazing time of their lives.


Since I grew up on Manitoulin Island and know the local areas really well, I thought I’d put together some tips. This is local advice, from a local photographer. These are all things that I’ve learned over many years photographing at this spot! I hope it can be helpful for you, and if it was, leave a comment to let me know.








  • Pick the right day/time to photograph here. Since the island is extremely busy and touristy during the summer high season, I recommend avoiding the busiest times of the year. Shooting at mid-day on weekends is the busiest. I would recommend shooting on weekdays. I would also advise you to go early in the morning, or closer to sunset for beautiful light.


  • Parking. Regardless of when you schedule your session for, be sure to arrive early. There is a small parking lot at the entrance of the falls. But it only holds approximately 5-6 cars at a time. There is also street parking available. And the nearby town of Kagawong is in walkable distance, so you can always find parking in town and walk to the falls!


  • Be aware of the season. Generally speaking, the falls have more water flowing during the spring time. The least amount of water flows during the autumn/early winter. Going earlier in the year will ensure you have plenty of water in your photos!


  • Be safe. The water levels are definitely something to be aware of. But you should also be careful when walking behind the falls! The rocks are quite slippery, and potentially dangerous. And the spray from the falls can make it tricky to see properly. Just play it safe, and take it slow!

I’m very excited to announce that this session was featured in a blog about the “Top Places to Propose in Ontario” by Nicole Alex Photography. You should check out the full blog post here!


And so if you’re looking for a photographer to capture a waterfall session of your own, feel free to get in touch!

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