Château Laurier Wedding​

Dania and Rey | A luxurious Château Laurier wedding in Ottawa

This beautiful Château Laurier wedding is one of my favourites! This particular Fairmont hotel is part of the cityscape that makes Ottawa what it is. And anyone who lives in Ottawa or has visited the city knows it.

Since the venue is located downtown, it is a spectacular place to host a wedding. It is easily accessible to everything. With views overlooking both the Ottawa river and Rideau street, it’s one of the best spaces to host a wedding.

Couple Getting Married

Dania and Rey's priorities

Dania and Rey are two of the sweetest people you’ll meet. They care deeply about each and every person in their lives. As a result, their entire wedding day is a testament to what, and how, they love. Their entire wedding day was structured around spending time with their families and mingling with their guests.

Another important aspect to Dania and Rey was to showcase their cultures. Dania’s family is Honduran. Rey’s family is from the Philippines. They wanted to honour each of their family traditions and backgrounds. Because of this, they incorporated a Filipino money dance into their grand entrance. They also concluded the night with a professional salsa dance performance.

Getting Ready and First Look

The morning of their wedding, Dania and Rey got ready in separate rooms of the hotel. One of Rey’s buddies is a barber, so he came in to give Rey a fresh haircut and shave. This is definitely a trend I’ve been seeing happening more and more lately, and I absolutely love it! 

Meanwhile, Dania got ready with her girls and looked like she just walked off the cover of a magazine. There are some people that have so much beauty -inside and out- that it radiates. Dania is one of those people!

Once they were set, we helped coordinate their first look in a private space so they could enjoy that moment with just the two of them.

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  1. GORGEOUS! I love their portrait session and the getting ready moments above all, but all these photos are stunning. You documented their process and celebration beautifully!

  2. I love the ways you played with light in each of these shots! Each one showcasing the room (with that INSANE ceiling) has me smiling at the light playing through the windows. Great work!

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