Calabogie Backyard Wedding

Alex and Will | A beautiful Calabogie Backyard wedding

Alex and Will are two of the most hilarious and kind human beings I know. I first met them for coffee downtown Ottawa. I knew right away they would be the best people to work with! They were organized, but relaxed. They had planned out the logistics, and still prioritized enjoying every moment of their day. It was the perfect balance. And I was so happy to get to know them!

Putting this blog post together makes me nostalgic. I so wish I could relive this day again and again.

Wedding Couple Walking Together While Holding Hands

Since they wanted to keep their wedding casual and simple, they didn’t want to spend money on a giant venue. Luckily, Will’s parents had a beautiful large cottage in the backcountry of Calabogie. Since the space was big enough to host a lot of people, they decided to have the wedding there. And it was amazing!

The wedding was located far from any cities, so it did require extra planning and coordinating. Finding a mobile catering company that fit the vibe of their wedding was important. They eventually settled on Meatings, a local mobile grill. They had a cocktail-style reception. This meant that their guests could eat whenever they wanted, and grab appetizers as they were freshly cooked. And it truly was perfect for their day.

the calabogie backyard wedding

The day started off super relaxed and peaceful. So peaceful! Will and his buddies spent the wedding morning “ottering” in the lake. (I later found out that “ottering” is the process of floating on your back in a life jacket, drinking beer!) Alex and her girls rented a cute little airbnb nearby. They spent the morning relaxing on the dock in the sunshine! So it was perfect.

Alex and Will opted for a private first look. They read their vows to one another in a secluded location. After taking some photos, we drove to the cottage for their intimate wedding ceremony.

The ceremony grounds were beautiful, and slightly challenging from a photography perspective. Since it was perched on a hill overlooking the lake, I was able to get really great angles of the ceremony. This did mean, however, that I sometimes needed to scale rocks to get the right shot. It was a really fun experience! I really do love ceremonies that are a little out-of-the-box!

Scroll down to see a review the couple left me. And scroll a little further to see the photos from their wedding day! If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your own wedding day, get in touch! I really LOVE the intimacy of backyard weddings. And I would love to photograph more!

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12 thoughts on “REMOVE Blog: Calabogie Backyard Wedding (Alex + Will)”

  1. Backyard weddings truly are some of the best if someone’s going the larger wedding route. You did a beautiful job capturing the details, both large and small, and setting the scene. Love the moments between them as well!

  2. Yes yes yes Lauren! These photos are so so beautiful! Alex & Will must be so happy with the photos, they are incredible. I feel like I know them just from looking at these photos. They feel so natural Really fantastic job Lauren <3 Talented woman <3 Hugs

  3. Your storytelling is really beautiful. They really lucked out finding such an amazing photographer for their backyard wedding

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