Showcasing the best Ottawa wedding venues the city has to offer!

When I first got engaged, one of the first things we started looking for was a wedding venue. Finding a wedding venue that fits your vision for your wedding is so key. Since I am local to Ottawa and work in the industry (I work in some of the best Ottawa wedding venues every weekend), I decided to compile a list of my favourite spots in the city. Hopefully it can help you in your search!


These are all venues that have the absolute best customer service (spoken from personal experience), amazing food, and prioritize their clients needs. I have worked closely with many of these venue owners/coordinators and can vouch for their professionalism and excellent service. Hopefully it can be helpful to you in your search for a wedding venue in Ottawa!

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When looking for a venue, it’s important to keep in mind:





How many guests are you planning to invite? Are you looking for accommodation on-site for your guests as well? Or just a ceremony and reception space? Having an understanding of this may help determine which venues will work best for you (and potentially help you narrow down your search)!





Are you planning to have an indoor or outdoor ceremony? How about the reception? Have you thought about what time of year you’d like to have your wedding at? If you’re considering an outdoor ceremony, does your venue have a solid rain plan option? These are all great questions to start thinking about in your search for a wedding venue! Since I work with all of my couples to devise a solid rain plan, I can also give you a hand figuring your own out, so let me know!





From a photography perspective, lighting is everything! The lighting inside a venue can make or break the vibe of your photos, and it’s super important to consider this when booking your own wedding venue! Your photographer should be able to help you understand and work with your venue lighting (and if you don’t have a photographer yet, get in touch because I’d love to work with you)!


Hopefully this list of the best Ottawa wedding venues adds value to your venue search and gives you some insight on different options! Scroll down to check it out!

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To keep things simple, I’ve listed the best Ottawa wedding venues in alphabetical order.








2710 March Road, Carp, ON

This beautiful glass conservatory resembles that of a greenhouse and is so perfect for plant lovers who want to channel tropical vibes during their wedding. Since this venue holds up to 150 guests, it is very spacious. And it also has incredible light that filters through the windows (making it perfect for your wedding photos)!

Ideal for: plant-lovers and winter weddings (since you can stay cozy and warm inside, but still allow for great lighting)





11 Aviation Pkwy, Ottawa, ON

With venue space of up to 250 guests, the Aviation museum is the perfect spot for a unique wedding and experience! It’s tucked away in the east end of Ottawa, but still accessible enough to the city for your guests to get to.

Ideal for: airplane lovers + indoor ceremonies





1 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON

Since this venue is one of the most luxurious in the city, it is perfect for impressing your guests and giving them an experience. With a variety of options for either indoor or outdoor ceremonies, the Château is right downtown and so it will be easily accessible to all of your guests.

Ideal for: higher budgets and luxury weddings




21 George Street, Ottawa, ON

Since this restaurant is already a popular Byward market choice, you can rest assured your guests will love the food! It’s also very convenient to access since it is located in the heart of Ottawa. They have a capacity of between 80 – 250 (depending on if you want sit down service or not).

Ideal for: food lovers and winter weddings





1525 Princess Patricia Way

This giant venue in the heart of Ottawa is perfect if you have a large guest list (it holds up to 800 guests)! And it is also great if your guests are scattered throughout the city, since they can taxi or uber home afterwards. It has large exposed beams, and is perfect if you want to channel industrial vibes for your wedding! I can also give you great recommendations on the perfect spots to take photos nearby (ideal for the vibe of your wedding)!

Ideal for: large weddings with industrial city vibes



40 Des Sentiers, Wakefield, QC

Because it is perched atop a cliff overlooking the beautiful Gatineau Hills, this venue is so spectacular and holds up to 200 guests. This is a great venue if you truly want to give your guests an experience! From a photographer’s standpoint, the food and customer service is truly outstanding. And so you can rest assured that you and your guests will be well taken care of. I can also help you plan out the best times (and on-site locations) to get the dreamiest sunset photos!

Ideal for: outdoor ceremonies (the autumn is particularly stunning) 




32 Chemin River, Cantley, QC

Since it is nestled in a maple forest, Manoir de la Forêt is exactly what it sounds like: a beautiful manor in a forest. This is the perfect spot to host an outdoor forest ceremony, and it has a cozy reception space. The food is terrific, and they even offer accommodation, making it so easy for your guests to stay over. Since I have experience photographing at this new venue, I know all the great spots to take you to for photos!

Ideal for: intimate weddings with outdoor ceremonies




555 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON

A perfect option for the beer lovers out there! Mill Street is a perfect venue with parking onsite, delicious food, and of course, amazing local beer. Set in a 177 year old building, this venue is located in a spectacular area overlooking the Ottawa River. There are also great photography locations nearby, making it one of my fav venues in the city!

Ideal for: beer lovers and foodies alike!





380 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON

This venue is in the heart of the city, so it’s super easy for all of your guests to get to. The O’Born Room (holds up to 250 guests), and the Al Zaibak Lantern Room (holds up to 120 guests) are two of the most spectacular rooms to host your wedding, as they both have floor-to-ceiling windows. Specifically, the O’Born Room shows off views of Ottawa’s downtown core. I also know really great spots to take you for photos afterwards, and can advise you on perfect locations!

Ideal for: indoor ceremonies in the centre of the city




290 City Centre ave. Ottawa, ON

This is a unique space that is perfect for an indoor, intimate wedding. The venue only holds up to 60 people, but with the right-sized guest list, it can be a spectacular experience (for art-lovers, and creatives alike). The side window light is incredible (I can give you advice on the best months to book this venue to optimize the light – spoken from my own experience!). And they’ve even recently opened an outdoor patio for summer parties.

Ideal for: small weddings and cocktail-style receptions



110 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON

Although you may find it funny to see City Hall listed as a wedding venue, I’ve added it for those lovers who truly see the value in tiny, intimate weddings. And I also want to keep the focus on what’s really important to them: each other. I’ve photographed many elopements in many city halls around the world (check out my Toronto City Hall wedding here, or my Copenhagen City Hall wedding here), and Ottawa still makes my list of favourites! I know all the best spots to bring couples for some photos after the ceremony, and can advise you throughout the whole process.

Ideal for: elopements or intimate weddings for couples who want to keep it simple (and potentially splurge on a honeymoon)!




618 Island View Drive, Golden Lake, ON

The camp is a cool 1.5 hour drive from Ottawa, but well worth the visit – and one of my favourite outdoor venues in the area! Since it has a laid-back vibe, it will allow all of your guests to truly relax. And this also allows for everyone to stay the night. I can give lots of great suggestions on photo locations in the area (although it’s not at a shortage of scenic spots), and give some tips on the forest ceremony structure as well!

Ideal for: outdoorsy couples and guests who love to camp



Rockcliffe Driveway, Ottawa, ON

Seats 100 people (and 150 standing), and requires a permit to host a wedding. Since it’s a national historical site, it’s ideal for history and nature lovers! Also, the Pavillion is perched on a bluff and surrounded by incredible scenery!

Ideal for: outdoor wedding ceremonies





The Westin Hotel, 11 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON

A spectacular venue in the heart of the city, Venue TwentyTwo showcases Ottawa in ways that no other venue can. The floor-to-ceiling windows give the space incredible sights (and from a photographer’s standpoint – LIGHT)! I can give you great recommendations on the best times of year to book this space to optimize the light for your ceremony and reception. I can also give you advice on ideal spots to take photos nearby that truly show off the city’s views!

Ideal for: modern weddings that show off Ottawa’s views






Since I’m always looking to add more venues to my list of the best Ottawa wedding venues, let me know if I’ve missed any! And of course, if you’re looking for a photographer to capture your wedding day, get in touch! I’d love to hear all about the amazing day you’re planning and help you throughout the process.

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