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A look back at the past year

2022 has been a beautiful whirlwind that passed in the blink of an eye. It’s been another (and dare I say final?!) year of “Covid catch up” where we saw so many couples finally get married after postponing so many times. The year has brought about an abundance of joy while simultaneously testing our limits and pushing our boundaries in so many ways. Some of the lows were pretty low. But damn, the highs have also been some of the highest.

A brief recap: the good and the bad

I always try to keep it real with you all, so it wouldn’t feel right to only highlight the high points of this year. Truthfully, this year tested me in ways I didn’t know I had the capacity for. Besides being the busiest year we’ve EVER had, it was also met with some trauma. One of my 2020 brides passed away suddenly and tragically. And weeks later, we lost a dear parent of one of my clients on the day of their wedding. I also had a couple incidents (one involving a car accident and one involving an attempted car jacking) on wedding days, which shook me up a lot, but thankfully I was fine.

But despite the trying times, this season also brought about some of the happiest times. On a personal note, Erik and I celebrated our very own wedding in France, and it was the highlight of my entire year. As some of you may know, we actually postponed our own wedding because of the pandemic. So this celebration was a long time coming! Being surrounded by our friends and family while we recited our vows meant absolutely everything to us. 

And professionally, our team has been thriving and growing like never before. This was our first full year where Erik has been working full time for the business and he’s been¬†so amazing in the role. Together with our teammates Casey and Angelica, we’ve been able to capture so many incredible wedding days! And next year only brings about bigger and bigger plans for our team, so stay tuned for some major updates in the new year.

Our Annual Slideshow

I’ve always been a big fan of curating my “Best of” images each year. In fact, I’ve done it every year I’ve been in business. It’s a huge marker of growth for me, and nothing fills me with more joy than recounting the many amazing moments my couples have shared with me.

This year, we’ve created a slideshow to give a more visual representation of the year. Feel free to check out the video, or if you’d like a slower look through some of my favourite images, scroll down through the rest of the gallery!

Music Credit: The Lonely Road (1940s Mix) by Cool Cat Music, licensed through Shutterstock Canada

Weddings Photographed
Sessions Photographed
Final Photos Delivered
Cups of Coffee Drank

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you

These photographs and these experiences would be nothing without my incredible clients. From the bottom of my heart, thank you ALL for sharing your big moments and memories with me this year. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my year than documenting all of these incredible days for you all. Thank you thank you thank you. xox

Thanks for following along, and thanks for all of your support through the years. To check out more of the weddings I captured in more detail, feel free to peruse the blog.

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