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A look back at this year's highlights

Oh what a year it’s been. I’m sure most people in the wedding industry would agree. The business and busy-ness that 2020 took away from us came back in full force in 2021. And it’s safe to say, most of us are still recovering from it. 2021 brought with it the most amount of weddings I’ve ever photographed in a single year. And with that, the most amount of photos I’ve ever delivered. It sure has been a full year in many ways, and I feel beyond lucky to be part of so many incredible milestones in people’s lives.

Traditions Continued

In celebrating all that 2021 brought us, I want to share a slideshow of my favourite wedding images from the year. This became something of a tradition when I first started my business. It was a way I could measure my growth and see how much I progressed from year to year. It was always something I was immensely proud to share with the world. But last year really took a toll on me; emotionally; mentally; creatively. So my yearly roundup took a backseat, since it felt so trivial to share in light of everything else that was going on in the world.

But this year, I’ve come to realize that these memories – the thousand fleeting moments all compiled into one grand masterpiece – deserve to be celebrated. They deserve to be showcased. Because despite the destructive path that Covid has carved for us, we could all use a little extra love right now. So feel free to watch the slideshow below, or scroll through the images. And if you like my Best of 2021 photographs, let me know in the comments!

Music Credit: Ships in the Night (1950s Mix) by Cool Cat Music, licensed through Shutterstock Canada

Weddings Photographed
Sessions Photographed
Final Photos Delivered
Cups of Coffee Drank

A heartfelt thank you

None of these moments could exist without my incredible, and loving, clients. Without them, I would not be where I am. I would not be doing what I’m doing. “Thank you” feels so trivial to say compared to the vast amount of gratitude I have in my heart. But it needs to be said. So thank you, my loves. Thank you to all of my people. The new clients. The old ones. And especially the ones that keep coming back year after year to have the different stages of their lives documented. You are all so pivotal to my business, and you all have a place in my heart (always). I love you guys xox

Thanks for following along, and thanks for all of your support through the years. To check out more of the weddings I captured in more detail, take a look through my blog.

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