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If we haven’t met yet, hi! I’m Lauren (she/her). I have an insatiable curiosity for the world around me, and I can never sit still. Not because I’m easily distracted, but because this world is far too big to even think we’ve seen it all. I love to live life fast, and take the quiet moments slow.

When I’m not in Ottawa capturing the best day of people’s lives, I travel constantly. While this isn’t exactly a conventional way to live, it’s a lifestyle I’ve worked really hard to create for myself. And I love every minute of it. I value experiences over “stuff”. But perhaps most importantly – I love my people fiercely.

Which brings me to – my loves. My Dutch husband Erik, our daughter Pim and son Luka (they’re fraternal twins), and our Taiwanese rescue cat Xiao Gui fill my heart to the brim. Our weekend tradition is to eat maple syrup with a side of pancake. We like to pretend to salsa dance whenever the feeling strikes us. And we’re mildly obsessed with trying to grow a jungle inside our home.

We see life for what it is —wild, a little messy, and unpredictably exciting. Those are the honest moments we live for. And those are the moments I work to capture for every single one of my clients.

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Our very own wedding

Experiencing our own destination wedding was the most incredible thing, and its something I wish I could re-live over and over (and over) again.

Thankfully, I can, because I had some pretty amazing wedding photographers.

Signature Style

and what sets me apart

My signature style is my energy. And my energy embodies light and warmth. With my energy, I attract personalities rather than “types” of clients. My couples are diverse, as are the weddings they choose to have. But in one way or another, they all seem to encompass those words as well: light and warmth. They value experiences and connections over centrepieces and tablecloths. Their weddings might be small or they might be extravagant, but they always seem to have a love that fills each space, and everyone can see it. Being around them is an experience unto itself as their energies seem to spill over and fill the room. 

With that same energy, I can observe and capture each wedding beautifully: whether through tender touches, candid laughter, or the couples being fully immersed in a beautiful landscape. And instead of my photographs being ruled by the elements, things like rain, landscapes, and sunlight are captured to enhance each couple and portray their personalities in the environment that surrounds them. 

Through a deep connection with my clients, a strong ability to empathize, and a knack for anticipating moments, I’m able to capture people being exactly who they are – as if I’m not even in the room. My couples aren’t thinking about having their photo taken, or how they’re standing. They’re experiencing the moment as it happens and feeling comfortable expressing their emotions in a deep, connective way. This allows me to capture the pauses; the hidden moments between heartbeats, and the “in-between” candids that truly depict the couple’s chemistry and tells the story of their day.

— A heartfelt thank you to my dear friends Agatha Rowland, Tara Lilly, and Carley Teresa for helping me find (and describe) my style.


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